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Extremely delighted with the service level and quality of care from everyone in this office. They all take phenomenal care of our entire family from flexible scheduling, billing, and attention to every detail. We love you guys!

Bret B. Avatar
Bret B.

Great team of people. They work so well with each other and make you feel welcome. They are very concerned about your health. Very professional.

Lance M. Avatar
Lance M.

Great reliable service. Highly recommended.
You can trust this dentist. I have been coming for a couple of years and I have not had a procedure go wrong.

Blanca V. Avatar
Blanca V.

Friendly and caring staff. The office runs smoothly, you’ll be in-out quickly. Dr. Ardilla is a wonderful person who cares for her patients. I have extreme anxiety towards dentists in general, so having a dentist like Dr. Ardilla who has compassion (and patience) towards patients like me is invaluable. The office manager Sherri, will make sure your family is up to date with cleanings/checkups. Whether my Kids are heading home for winter break or me dodging her phone calls... Sherri will make sure you’re on schedule when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy!

Pana B. Avatar
Pana B.

They are terrific and professional,my treatment so,far is goin great almost finish,and especially they treat you like family,all the girls..

Erika S. Avatar
Erika S.

Dr. Ardila provides our entire family with the best dental care. She takes personal interest and advises on what’s best for us. Her staff is also very wonderful.

Rama V. Avatar
Rama V.

They really make yo feel like part of their family: they're caring, friendly, and honest. Also, their explicative (for me that's important, I need to know what's going on in my general health), and the doctor who cleans my teeth does it in a way that doesn't heart!! That's sooooo important. Overall a great dentistry!

L B. Avatar
L B.

Dr. Ardila is the best dentist around! Campbell Family Dentistry does a great job of making you feel at home and really caring for their patients. Even when I didn't have dental insurance they always made sure to work with me. I couldn't ask for a better staff. I highly recommend Campbell Family Dentistry.

Florence E. Avatar
Florence E.

I've been going to Dr Gowda for several years and not one bad experience. In fact I need some major dental work soon but she is patiently waiting for me to come up with the money that is needed for my plan. Her staff is second to none. They make you feel right at home . The icing on the cake for me is they are only a mile away. Kudos to Campbell Family Dentistry! !!!

Andrew T. Avatar
Andrew T.

This office is amazing! Mrs. Sherri is so sweet and is always fun to talk too but the doc and hygienist are awesome! I love this office so much and enjoy getting to go see them :)

maddie s. Avatar
maddie s.

I am very happy with my experience at Campbell Family. Everyone is very friendly! I love the music that is played in the background. The dentist is very hands on with her patients and funny too ; ). The front office will work with your schedule! Very much appreciated since I have two kids under 3 years old and no family to watch them. Thanks for a welcoming experience!

Marcia D. Avatar
Marcia D.

We've been with them for a few years now! I LOVE THIS GROUP. From start to finish they are professionals. The Front Office is the best ever. It matters, too! The Doc, the hygenists, the assistants are all awesome. They care. They take the time to spend with you. My husband and I have had multiple procedures and have been thrilled with every one of them. THEY ROCK!!!!

Korbenici a. Avatar
Korbenici a.

This is literally the best dentist I have been to, u have had to endure countless visits to different dentists as a child. Dr. Ardila is very well educated and experienced. The staff is so comforting and friendly, after just two visits I have a personal relationship with each of them. I told her I was scared, and Sherri at the front desk gave me some headphones so I could listen to my music. Going to the dentist is not my favorite thing but I actually look forward to seeing them! Highly recommend

Cassidy S. Avatar
Cassidy S.

I found this dentist going thru my insurance company's provider directory (which is useless btw) so I didn't have a whole lot to go on before I came in. I lucked out, because each time I've been here has been a pleasant experience. It's in a convenient location, the office is clean and bright, and everyone is really friendly and knowledgeable. They take super early appointments which is great if you don't want to take a day off, and I feel the pricing is very transparent and reasonable. No surprises. I was given a lengthy dental plan to get myself where I need to be but I'm happy to know what to expect and I'm happy to be in good hands.

M. B. Avatar
M. B.

I have been going to Campbell Family Dentistry for 6 years now and every single appointment has been a wonderfully calm and enjoyable experience. Having chipped my tooth years ago, Dr. Gowda's bonding work is incredible as the bond is always shaped perfectly to fit my mouth and it lasts a long time. She also explains and educates her patients on the aspects of any procedure, cleaning, x-ray etc., to ensure that they understand what is going on. Sherri in the front office is so kind, very well-organized, and accommodating to the patients needs. She creates a very relaxing and happy environment as soon as you walk through the door. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for dental care.

Claudia A. Avatar
Claudia A.

Dr. Gowda Ardila is kind, patient and thorough. Sherri is also wonderful in the front office. I highly recommend this practice for all ages.

Alice B. Avatar
Alice B.

My family has gone to Campbell Family Dentistry for the past 2+ years, where we have received terrific dental care. The office does a great job of scheduling and administering the insurance etc. The dental services are great in that the dentist performs all dental work, and oversees work of the staff for cleaning, etc. Recently, I was referred for specialized treatment for a root canal - some dentists try to do this themselves. I received 2 endodontist referrals from which to choose. I appreciated this approach valuing my dental health.

Ray A. Avatar
Ray A.

I really love this office Dr. Ardila is so nice and a wonderful dentist.. I am so impressed how she puts 2 and 2 together with how your health affects you overall.. she makes sure her staff is just aware of you heath issues before any treatment..!

Sherri J. Avatar
Sherri J.

Campbell Family Dentistry is the best Dentist office in the world! They are caring and very friendly people! I am 13 years old and I have to say that when I come to the dentist I am not scared at all! The dentist and the assistants are the sweetest most caring people and will do anything to make your smile the best it can be! I hope I can stay with the dentist for as long as I live! Thank you for everything guys it means a lot to me and to my family!

Yedidya D. Avatar
Yedidya D.
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